5th Street escape Room - Charleroi

5th Street escape Room

5th Street escape Room

Charleroi, United States

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5th Street Escape Room “The Heist”
Just 35 Minutes South of Pittsburgh in Charleroi, PA

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: (724) 483 4618

434 Fallowfield Ave,

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25 USD

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Enter a thrilling challenge in the heart of an abandoned bank. The idea is to solve puzzles, find clues, and figure out the combination to the vault to pull off the bank heist of the century. Its great clean fun for people 10 to 70 and an amazing team building exercise for companies.In 60 Minutes your team will be solving puzzles, finding clues, evading and disarming a security system to open a 9,000 pound vault to steal money and make your escape. Can your team pull it off?


The Heist

You’re evading and disarming a security system, opening a 9,000 pound vault to steal money and make your escape!