Houdini's Room Escape - Cincinnati

Houdini's Room Escape

Houdini's Room Escape

Cincinnati, United States

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Houdini's Room Escape is a fun and interactive room escape venue in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Capacity: 10

Phone: 513-549-5419

9309 Montgomery Road

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28 USD

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p>Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and escape from the room. You have 60 minutes, so be quick! Come with your friends, family and coworkers and have a great time! Houdini's Room Escape is a unique experience that requires guests to use their intelligence, keen powers of observation, their deductive skills and cooperation to help their team escape. Scheduled to open in June 2015, Houdini's offers multiple rooms with different themes and puzzles in each. Stay tuned for more info and be one of the first to experience Houdini's Room Escape!


The Tower

Built in 1932, the Carew Tower is a Cincinnati Landmark. Its art deco architecture makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Its observation deck gives you the best views of the tri-state area. When you enter The Tower, you’ll feel like you are on the observation deck over 500 feet above Cincinnati. Follow the clues as they lead you and your fellow tourists from one puzzle to another. But remember, the last elevator goes down in 60 minutes, so you better hurry!

The Lab

The Z-Virus, a devastating pathogen, has been wreaking havoc on humanity, turning thousands of people across the world into zombies.  A group of scientists had recently made a breakthrough in developing a cure, but in the process accidentally contaminated themselves.  Lock down procedures have been activated in their lab in order to prevent anyone or anything from escaping.  

Are you brave enough to volunteer to enter the lab to deactivate the safety protocols and locate the cure that will save all of mankind?


Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest magician, is searching for individuals clever enough to become his apprentices.  This tremendous honor can not be given to just anyone as his apprentices will learn all the secrets behind his amazing illusions.  That is why Mr. Houdini has designed a challenging test, set inside his own home.  Only those skilled enough to pass the test by escaping his locked game room while locating his favorite props will be considered for the positions.

Are you and your associates capable of successfully challenging the master himself inside Houdini’s game room?