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Escape Room Tampa Bay

Clearwater, United States

From 28 USD

Escape Rooms are the hottest new entertainment concept in the country. Come play a challenging real life adventure game with one goal: Escape the Room in 60 min

From 28 USD

Capacity: 8

Clearwater is waiting for the fans of room escape games to test their rooms and have some fun!

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Are you looking for fun in Clearwater? Let us suggest you something different than cinema or sport events. Escape games are real team games, usually played around four, eight people. On our webpage, you can find every necessary informations you may need before you book your ticket in Clearwater or other part of the world. We collect all the existing escape room games existing on earth to make it easy for everybody to find the perfect adventure. If you are already part of the escape game fan community, don't forget to spread the word, and introduce this cool game as many people as possible to give them the opportunity to experience the escape adventure!