Escape Room Tampa Bay - Clearwater

Escape Room Tampa Bay

Escape Room Tampa Bay

Clearwater, United States

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Escape Rooms are the hottest new entertainment concept in the country. Come play a challenging real life adventure game with one goal: Escape the Room in 60 min

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Capacity: 8

Phone: 727-240-1797

625 Cleveland Street

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28 USD

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to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape the room before time runs out.? Prepare for a unique experience that challenges your imagination and logic, using creativity and thinking outside the box, and having some of the most fun you can have in one hour. Bring the family, friends or co-workers and see if you have what it takes to escape before time runs out.


Music Producer

It’s not all glamour being one of the top producers in the country, and staying at the top isn’t always easy. You’ve just landed the hottest band on the planet and are locked in your own office by another producer wanting to steal your deal by keeping you from meeting with your new clients. Make it out in one hour or lose the biggest opportunity of your career.

Level of difficulty: Easy/Medium
Recommended for 2-8 Players


You have been taken hostage by foreign traitors to an undisclosed location.You and your team have 60 minutes to escape before your Kidnappers return and the situation becomes torturous.

Level of difficulty: Medium/Hard
Recommended for 2-6 Players

Cabin in the Woods

While on a hiking trip with your friends, you stumble upon an old cabin in the woods. Deciding to check it out, the door closes behind you and locks you in. You soon discover that this little Cabin is not all that it appears.

Level of difficulty: Easy/Medium
Recommended for 2-4 Players