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Escape Room Erie

Escape Room Erie

Erie, United States

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Escape Room Erie is an interactive game designed as a corporate team building excursion as well as pure entertainment for the general public.  For a short time...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: (412) 951-1929

23 W 10th Street

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25 USD

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However, unlike being the passive observer at a movie or play, here you are the center of attention.  Will you find your inner hero and help lead your team through the locked door to safety?  Work with your group to find clues, solve puzzles, decipher codes, and anything else required to escape the room before your time runs out.  Or will you succumb to the pressure and leave yourself and company trapped behind that very door forever?


Stage 2: Abducted

Despite the title and back story scenario, Stage 2 is NOT SCARY.  It's fun, exciting, and of course interactive.  Bring your thinking caps.   A bit dazed and confused, you stir back to consciousness.  The last thing you remember is walking to your car after an enjoyable dinner with friends.  Now you find yourself blindfolded and bound at the wrist.  What do you do?  Find a way to freedom of course.  Work with your fellow abductees to find clues, solve puzzles, decipher codes, and anything else required to outwit your captor and escape the room before your time runs out.

Stage 1: (Coming Soon) Lost Laboratory

After sitting vacant for years, a property investment firm initiated a complete renovation of the Mieser Building located in downtown Erie.  Upon tearing down an interior wall the construction crew discovered what appeared to be a forgotten top secret government laboratory.  The local historic society converted the location into a modern museum.  You’ve come to enjoy the tour and learn the newly discovered local history.  I hope nothing goes wrong.