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Fargo Escape Room

Fargo, United States

From 28 USD

Looking for an escape from the ordinary date night? Need the key to a unique corporate event? Want to free yourself from the same old bachelor or bachelorette party? 

From 28 USD

Capacity: 2-8

Fargo has some escape rooms so you have place to hide when North Dakota shows her stormy side at winter time!

Fargo's escape rooms

Let's be honest, it's not easy to live in North Dakota there's a reason why it's called "The Land Of The Brave"! So it could be a really good news for the people live in Fargo, that there are escape rooms in their beloved city. Escape games are relatively new genre in the entertaining business, the fan community is still growing. The point of the game is, a team locked in a room and they have to escape in time by working together as a real team, investigate for clues,and solving riddles. Companies love escape games as well because they can use them as team building opportunities. Book your game today in Fargo!