Fargo Escape Room - Fargo

Fargo Escape Room

Fargo Escape Room

Fargo, United States

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 1 701-532-1138

2220 East Main Ave

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28 USD

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The Fargo Escape Room is designed to challenge your brain and charge your senses. Let your inner sleuth out while you get locked in. 


You're locked in an office with a briefcase of money you know nothing about. And now, the Feds are just an hour away and they're looking for you.

You've been Framed!


Your beloved great aunt Esther has passed away unexpectedly. At the funeral, you overheard your conniving cousin Victoria say that she has seen the will and is getting a generous inheritance. While Esther did have her secrets, this, along with Esther's mysterious death, makes you suspicious. With one hour before the reading of the will, you go to Esther's house to see if you can uncover her real final wishes. But you'd better act fast -- Victoria may be on to you.