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Break Out

Break Out

Ferndale, United States

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Breakout! The Room Escape Game is a fun, exciting, and interactive new game where you are locked in a room with a group of friends or even strangers (who may soon...

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: 586-359-6944

2505 Hilton Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220

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25 USD

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..ilable in the room. This is one of the best Team-Building activities in the Metro Detroit area and a perfect place to have your company's holiday party!


The Ringmaster's Den

The door locks behind you. A large menacing timer begins counting down from 1 hour. You’re not sure where to begin. You just know you must escape the room before the timer reaches zero. You know the key to the exit is in the room, but how do you find it? You slowly begin searching the room. Locks are everywhere. You find a clue in a drawer. You realize that the solution is a number. Is that number the combination to one of the locks? Your pulse quickens. The number does indeed open a lock. The lock was hiding another clue. A friend or yours, or maybe even a stranger shouts out that they found a clue in a different part of the room. A clue that integrates with the clue you just found. The timer is still counting down. You can feel each beat of your heart. Is there a leader among you? Maybe it is you. The leader tells the group they need to communicate, work together, and share their findings. More clues are being found, puzzles are being solved, and the larger picture is starting to come together. You know where the key to escape is, you know how to get to it, but you must be clever to attain it. The timer is approaching zero. Your heart is pounding now. You are so close to escaping, but just as close to becoming stuck in the room forever.

Game of Espionage

A rival Toy and Game development company has stolen the prototype to a new product that your company was ready to bring to market and promised to be the hottest selling item in the toy and game industry. With the help of a insider at the rival's business, you have gained access to the President of Game and Toy Development's office, where the prototype must be found. The insider has learned that the office will be empty for exactly one hour, during which he will sneak your team in. The room will be filled with games, toys, unique puzzles and clues, all designed to lead you to your goal. If you find the prototype and escape the room before the hour is up, your company will reward you well. If you do not escape with the prototype, your rival will reap the rewards and you will likely face the consequences of being caught!

Zombie Roadhouse

The Zombie Apocalypse is in full swing. Your group of survivors has been driven out of your last safe house. Hungry and weary, and being pursued by an ever increasing mass of undead, you stumble across an abandoned roadhouse bar and grill. You are able to locate and activate the pub's emergency generator which provides you with a minimal amount of light, but more importantly, activates the bar's security features which should keep out the horde of creatures on your trail. But the generator only has one hour of fuel remaining. The bar has supplies which should allow you to survive outside the doors, but they will not be easy to attain. The bar's owners have cleverly locked away the items to dissuade opportunistic thieves. Your team must work together to secure the needed gear within 65 minutes, or the next items to be served up in this bar and grill will be YOU!