D'Escape Mission - Fraser

D'Escape Mission

D'Escape Mission

Fraser, United States

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A live escape room takes the video game or movie out of the box ? real life. The door locks, the clock starts, and you?re immersed into a narrative that requires...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 586 359-2401

D?Escape Mission, LLC 16658 15 Mile Road

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25 USD

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Can your team work together under pressure? Can you escape in 60 minutes? Perfect for friends, family, coworkers or individuals looking to interact and challenge like never before. Step away from the ordinary and get set for an exciting and intense experience.



38% COMPLETION - Recommended Players:  Min 4, Max 10
Detroit is back in the forefront. Plans for a revolutionary concept car have been developed which will keep Detroit in the lead. There’s only one problem, the code to access the plans have been lost. The plans must be delivered on time. Your mission, find the code to decrypt the plans so Detroit can retain their world automotive title. 


23% COMPLETION - Recommended Players:  Min 6, Max 12
The ultimate game room for the ultimate challenge where codes, clues, and hidden secrets cover the gambit. Game On! is more than a Call of Duty or your mama’s game of Twister.  Step up and test your wits, game skills, sports knowledge, and other concealed talents. The only way out is to win. The time is ticking. Fail to escape and you’ll be stuck in Molasses Swamp!


19% COMPLETION - Recommended Players:  Min 6, Max 12
Master Malachi has developed an eclectic taste for the bizarre and stumbled upon possessions not meant for him.  Throughout his travels Malachi acquired an old trunk filled with unspeakable things.  He met an untimely demise before he was able to open it.  Some say the trunk is cursed by a banshee spirit.  Your mission: Open the trunk and banish the banshee spirit; and…get out alive!  Are you brave enough to enter the menacing world of Master Malachi?