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Escape Room NJ

Hackensack, United States

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Entertainment and Team Building Center that focuses on developing creative, engaging and fun new ways for people to interact, work together and just have a good...

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Capacity: 2-16

Phone: 201-815-1784

157A Main St,

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35 USD

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Offering Escape Rooms (read below), Human Bumper Balls, Airsoft Battles, Dance Club and Dinning options! We offer private events for corporations, businesses, birthday parties, family reunions and any other celebration or group gathering you can think of.
A Live Escape Game is an interactive adventure experience.
You and your team of between 2 and 12 people will be locked in a themed room.
You’ll be surrounded by puzzles, clues, locks, codes & challenges that you will solve by working together as a team.
Problem-solving skills, logic, patience and team building will all come in handy as well as a spirit of cooperation and sense of FUN!
Your goal? To escape the room within 60 minutes!
Choose from Horror themed or Detective themed adventures.
We consider our rooms as the most challenging and fun among all "Escape the Room" games in New Jersey and even NYC!


“The Other Side”
The Room is available in 2 options: 

Detective (not scary at all): Neither the police, news or scientists have been able to offer any explanation for the odd happenings in Room 999. Spirits, art disappearing, dramatic temperature changes, ghosts, inanimate objects moving, and writing vanishing all in front of your very eyes. Not to mention an open & unsolved missing persons case are just some of the whispers that surround this room. Always being fascinated by the unexplained phenomenons and being a self-proclaimed skeptic of the supernatural you decide it’s time for you to put this mystery to rest. Will you be able to explain the unexplainable or will you become the next missing person’s case? 
Horror (scary): What was that? Are you alone? You’ve heard rumors about a video. As soon as it penetrates your thoughts, a TV that shouldn’t work begins playing. Silent, you try not to move a muscle but can’t help trembling. When a phone begins ringing you’re beckoned to answer, like something is forcing you to. A voice on the other side says “60 minutes” before disconnecting. (Everyone must sign a liability release before entering this room)

The Room is available in 2 options: 

It is a sound you were never hoping to hear again-your adrenaline starts to rush as the noise of the alert begins to register in your brain. It is an ring tone reserved to signal only one thing…TERROR THREAT. Your pulse rushes and your heart pounds as you answer your cell. No greeting is necessary. “All agents must report to Langley Headquarters immediately” and then the click as the caller hangs up. 

When you arrive at CIA Headquarters a few minutes later, most of your fellow CIA agents have already arrived. No time is wasted after a call like that. No one is smiling and there is an uneasy air within the meeting room. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency informs the room that a confirmed threat has been identified and a known terrorist has planted a bomb in his apartment. A bomb which he plans to detonate within 48 hours destroying not only his apartment, but half of the city along with it. 

Your team has been selected to lead this very sensitive operation. Your directive is to gain entry into the suspect’s apartment, asses the situation, locate the terrorist, and of course disarm the bomb. Never one to back down from a challenge, you accept the nearly impossible mission. You had no idea just how impossible it would seem… 

When you arrive at the apartment with your team, you are fully equipped to put an end to this threat once and for all. You begin to assess the situation and carefully use a scope to look under the door and into the bomber’s apartment. You are shocked to see that the bomb is right there in front of your face-in plain sight. Exposed but covered, you see the weapon of mass destruction and quickly realize that this is seemingly just too easy. There must be more to this than meets the eye.