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Cipher Escape Rooms


Houston, United States

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He said he'll be back in 60 minutes. That’s when your game is over, and his “game” starts. He's even started a timer to torment you.

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: (713) 588-0306

1735 Westheimer Road

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As you watch the last hour of your life slowly tick away, your mind races as you ponder all of the horrifying things about to happen at the hands of this…person, this…monster. How are you are going to spend the time you have left? You can cry. You can pray. You can write a goodbye letter. You can scream for help. Or you can ESCAPE. 

Cipher Escape Rooms is Houston's newest fully immersive Escape Room Adventure. At Cipher we strive to provide our guests with the most immersive escape room experience around. Our goal is to really put you in the room, whether its a serial killers dungeon, or a museum curator's office. We are located in heart of Montrose within walking distance from popular spots such as Common Bond, Poison Girl, Brasil, and more.