The Heist - Houston

Cipher Escape Rooms

The Heist

Houston, United States

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The hardest part of being an antiquities thief is finding a discreet buyer with deep pockets. But this burglary is different - the buyer brought the job

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: (713) 588-0306

1735 Westheimer Road

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directly to you, along with a briefcase full of cash if you are successful. It all seems simple enough: Get in, get the stuff, and get out, without getting caught. There will be complications, as usual. There will be co-conspirators you’ve never worked with, security systems you’ve never circumvented, and a vault you’ve never broken into, or out of... 

Cipher Escape Rooms is Houston's newest fully immersive Escape Room Adventure. At Cipher we strive to provide our guests with the most immersive escape room experience around. Our goal is to really put you in the room, whether its a serial killers dungeon, or a museum curator's office. We are located in heart of Montrose within walking distance from popular spots such as Common Bond, Poison Girl, Brasil, and more.