The missing double agent - Houston

The Riddle Room

The missing double agent

Houston, United States

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Our Nation’s security has been jeopardized by our top agent – just confirmed as a double agent. Your team has been assigned to investigate the rogue agent

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: (713) 702-0507

911 Antoine Dr,

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 last whereabouts, Room 22 at the Back Door Motel. You enter and discover that it has been booby-trapped to prevent others from finding his secrets. You have just one hour to find the elusive clues that will lead to the traitors’ current location and escape the room before you meet your end. If you fail, the spy will turn over secret files to our mortal enemies that are bent on our Country’s annihilation. We are all depending on you!

The Riddle Room is an interactive, mystery and adventure based game where you will attempt to solve your way out of one of our challenging puzzle rooms within 60 minutes.