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Jackson Escape Rooms

Jackson, United States

From 15 USD

Escape rooms are an immersive, interactive, team-based, life-sized, puzzle solving adventure game where participants are locked in a room and must escape.

From 15 USD

Capacity: 2-6

The Capital of Mississippi have some really cool escape rooms for the fans of this awesome game, that you should try.

Welcome to the "City With Soul!"

The beautiful state of Mississippi has a real important role in the rich cultural life of the United States, so not surprisingly you can find escape games in Jackson among many other attractions. All you need to do is creating your team of friends and families, and you are ready for the action! Maybe you don't know what escape game means? Don't worry, it's a relatively new type of games. The substance is, the team is locked in a room which is full of puzzles, hidden objects, and locks. If you want to complete the game, and escape, you have to solve the riddles in time to unlock the doors and earn freedom. Book your escape game today in Jackson!