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Escape Game Knoxville

Escape Game Knoxville

Knoxville, United States

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Escape Game Knoxville is an experience to enjoy with friends, family, or co-workers.  Each room is uniquely designed with themes inspired to give you a new...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: (865)246-1306

815 South Central St.

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27 USD

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The Villain's Lair
3-10 Players
24% Completion Rate

The city is under attack from a mysterious villain. You and your team of rookie detectives have been given a lead from an anonymous source that has taken you straight to what is believed to be the villain’s hideout. You must find out his plan of attack and escape before he returns!

Project MK-Ultra
2-7 Players
35% Completion Rate

The CIA's mind control project, MK-ULTRA, has failed. Or has it...? It's the mid 80's, and you are a group of journalism students scheduled to interview a former Professor involved in the controversial project. You have been given a lead that rogue fringe scientests have picked up where the CIA left off. Upon finding the Professor's office, you uncover that the experiments are almost certainly still ongoing. Will you be able to recover the secret data in time? Revealing the truth may be your only escape!

The Purge: Close Quarters
4 Players Required
To Be Determined

It's the Annual Purge and you have 1 hour to Escape. The only problem? You and your friends are all in different rooms and must only use communication and your wits to work together and survive. This room is not recommended for those with severe claustrophobia. Booking this room REQUIRES all 4 players. For this reason, tickets purchased for this Escape Experience will show up as 1 ticket for all 4 players. To Escape this room you will need all 4 players present.