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Escape Room Lancaster

Escape Room Lancaster

Lancaster, United States

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Do you enjoy old TV detective shows or modern reality shows where teams need to work together to solve a puzzle in an allotted amount of time? Escape Room Lancaster...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 717-208-6288

18 E McGovern Ave Station Square Center

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 participants will attempt to solve puzzles and connect clues before the time runs out. Escape Rooms are a worldwide phenomenon that have been gaining popularity in the United States. Escape Room Lancaster will give participants the opportunity to select from 3 customized rooms, each with a unique goal to be solved within 1 hour. As the suspense and adrenalin builds, you will work as a team using your wits, intuition, logic, and communication with team members, but will you be one of the successful teams? Escape Room Lancaster appeals to a wide range of demographics including co-workers interested in team buildings, couples looking for an interesting date night, or a group of friends who want a challenge and laugh. Escape Room Lancaster will open in June, 2015. It is located in Station Square on McGovern Ave directly across from the Lancaster Train Station.


1920’s Lancaster Train Station.A dear friend has been arrested for bootlegging. You are convinced he is innocent and have the evidence to prove it. Today is the last day of the trial before he is convicted, but you need to get there. You have exactly one hour to get your ticket stamped, catch the correct train and get out of the Lancaster Train Station.

Modern Art Gallery Heist.Imagine yourself as a high stakes art thief. As you enter the famous Modern Art Gallery of Lancaster, you trip an alarm. You have exactly 60 minutes to secure the highly valuable piece and get out of the room before being caught.

Medieval Castle.Upon entering the Medieval Castle, the drawbridge suddenly closes and the sand in the hour glass begins to fall. Find yourself being watched by the Knights of the Round Table as they discuss your punishment. Can you solve the ancient puzzles and open the drawbridge before being thrown in the dungeon?