Mystery Room - Lawrenceville
Mystery Room - Lawrenceville

Mystery Room

Mystery Room

Lawrenceville, United States

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Can you figure out the clues and solve the mystery or escape in time? You only have 45 minutes so hurry!

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Phone: 678-847-5002

Sugarloaf Mills Shopping Center 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway

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2 Player: 20 USD
10 USD / Player
3 Player: 40 USD
13 USD / Player
4 Player: 60 USD
15 USD / Player
5 Player: 80 USD
16 USD / Player
6 Player: 108 USD
18 USD / Player

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Are you looking for the perfect activity for your family? Do you hate going to the movies and not being able to interact? Are you tired of watching your kids play video games? We are sure you answered yes to these questions, which is why we created Mystery Room. Be prepared for a unique and stimulating experience that will leave you eager to come back again and again. The clock starts ticking when you enter the room. You only have 45 minutes, but everything you need is right there in the room. You must work together, use your mind, think outside the box and most importantly, have some serious fun!


This room is our least difficult, but as you can see from the success rate, it is very challenging. We suggest our first time detectives to start with this room. This Mystery Room is perfect for Family Night, as it is perfect for detectives of all ages. This is a military themed room and there is a bomb hidden in the room. Your objective is to locate the bomb and then defuse the bomb before it explodes in 45 minutes.


You want a challenge, well you got it. This is our most difficult room. As you enter Special Agent Sam Spades office be prepared for a very unique challenge. This is a great room for Date Night with other couples, as the more detectives in the room the better chance you will have at solving the Mystery


After you have tried your detective skills at a few Mystery Room’s you might be ready to take on the Hollywood Premier. As you walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame you will see many famous celebrities. Your objective is to Escape Hollywood within 45 minutes by using the clues and puzzles you will find in the room. Bring a group of good Detectives, as you will need lots of brain power to Escape this room. This room is great for Couples Date Night.


After you try Black Ops and Royal Room, we suggest Sherlock’s Room as your next Mystery Room. You enter Sherlock Holmes’ study at 221B Baker Street in London. You are Dr. Watson and you have 45 minutes to solve a Sherlock Mystery. Everything you need to solve the Mystery is in the room, you just need to use your mind and think outside the box to solve the case. This room is great for Date Night and Family Night.


It’s your first day as a member of the Justice League. Your challenge is to escape the Riddler’s trap and save your fellow superheros.


You are the last hope for humanity. Find the cure and stop the plague before zombies rule the world.