Fantasy Escape Room - Lewisburg

Fantasy Escape Room

Fantasy Escape Room

Lewisburg, United States

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We are a new escape adventure in Lewisburg, PA. You are locked in a room for 1hr with a real life scenario to find the clues to escape.

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 570-492-0147

310 Market St, Lewisburg,

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28 USD

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Escape rooms have been sweeping the nation and the demand for fun filled adventure right here in Pennsylvania has been fulfilled! Come check out our two rooms that will keep you entertained. You have one hour to escape the room you are locked in. Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock even more fun!   



You are next of kin to Black Bart, who owned a gold mine and he passed away before telling you where the deed and map are to the gold mine.  You must find the map and the deed in his cabin that leads to the gold mine and register it at the Assay town office before closing time today or you will lose your rights to the claim.  The Assay town office closes at 1pm today.  You have 1 hour to find the deed, the map and register it with the Assay town office.  Can you do it? 


​​​You and a couple of friends went out last night and partied a little too hard.  You wake up in your college dorm room with a hangover and no recollection of what happened.  You need to find out what you did last night and get rid of the evidence before the dorm head catches you.  You have 1hr before the dorm head makes their rounds.  Can you find the evidence and escape in time?