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Escape Lincoln

Escape Lincoln

Lincoln, United States

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Inspired by escape-esque video games, adventure board games, and movies, escape rooms are real-life adventure games where participants are locked in a room, and...

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140 N 8th St,

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30 USD

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Participants must be extremely observant, able to collaborate with a team, and use critical thinking skills in order to get out.


The Heist Room Story

It was stolen. On your territory. And it should be yours. IF you can find it. Promises of riches beyond your wildest dreams—if you have the brains to figure it out.

The Cicada Room Story

Code name: 3301. Symbol? A single cicada. 3301 claims to be searching for “intelligent individuals.” But doesn’t say why. Is it a recruitment stunt for organizations like the CIA or MI6? Or something more dark and sinister?

Based on a real-life organization that uses a series of complex clues and puzzles to identify and track the most intelligent people in the world in order to recruit them.Cicada 3301 has been a faceless enigma since 2012.

Unlike the Alien Room or the Heist Room, you are not locked in this room, but rather, you are on a mission to prove that you are one of the select few who are up for the intellectual challenge and are worth recruiting.

You and your band of criminals have heard about a high profile heist in the area: a data file containing several Swiss bank account numbers and access codes. Even more infuriating, one of your old cohorts—an ex-group member—is the culprit. Not only has she infringed on your territory but you also weren’t brought in on the deal. So you’ve decided to take what is yours. Unfortunately, dealing with a criminal means stealing is much harder, especially when the door locks behind you once you’re in.

This room is not meant for the weak. Come face-to-face with this mysterious room through the veil of darkness with limited light to assist you. Can you beat the timer without going mad?

It’s a normal day at NASA, when suddenly you find you have blacked out. When you come to, you’re in a dark room, unsure of how you got there or how to get out. You’ve been abducted by aliens who are trying to communicate with you, and to prove your worth, you must solve their puzzles and escape the room. Peaceful negotiations depend on you and your team.