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Escape Chambers

Escape Chambers

Madison, United States

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Escape Chambers is the first and only live room escape game in Madison. This game requires you and your team to solve mysteries and clue.

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 414 273-1067

Gilman St, Madison,

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30 USD

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Escape Chambers Madison is like nothing you have ever seen before. Located in downtown Madison, Escape Chambers Madison is the real?life incarnation of movies like Saw, National Treasure, Sherlock Holmes, and The DaVinci Code. Puzzles, riddles, and coded messages are your only means of escape, as this is more a mental challenge than physical. Successfully navigating the different scenarios of the rooms, require more than just brains, alone?you must learn to communicate and work together with your team members, if you want any hope of walking out the doors to freedom. Group sizes vary, based on each different scenario, and all ages are welcome; although we do recommend participants be 10 and older, as some of our rooms contain more of a ?fear factor.?

All In

It was all a setup. The dealer was in on it....the other high rollers at the table were in on it.....even the waitress played her part. They took you for everything you had. Unfortunately for them, you have a plan to take it back....with interest. You call up a few "business associates" and explain the job. They all think you're certifiably insane.....and they all want in.

The Raid

Your team is ready. Stacked up in the hallway right outside the door. The order is given…you move on 3. You have been waiting months to get to this point….take down the brains behind the largest drug trafficking ring in the state. One. It shouldn’t take you long to search this tiny apartment and find the stash. Two. You have the warrant and everyone is geared to take down a small army. Three. You team pushes the door open and everyone files in…the main room is clear…until the front door closes. Your heart drops. As you stare at the wires and explosives connected to a countdown timer and you quickly realize that everyone in this room is going to have a very bad day, if you’re still here when the timer reaches zero. Just another day at the office…better get to work.