Honor Among Thieves - Manhattan

Locked Manhattan

Honor Among Thieves

Manhattan, United States

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You and your fellow partners in crime are highly respected amongst the black market of illicit antiquity trading.

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Capacity: 4-10

Phone: (262) 843 - 5625

116 S 4th Street #122A,

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4 Player: 84 USD
21 USD / Player
5 Player: 105 USD
21 USD / Player
6 Player: 126 USD
21 USD / Player
7 Player: 147 USD
21 USD / Player
8 Player: 168 USD
21 USD / Player
9 Player: 189 USD
21 USD / Player
10 Player: 210 USD
21 USD / Player

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You’ve staged countless heists in the past and your reputation has allowed you to become the most esteemed band of criminals. Impressed by your history, billionaire and collector of antiquities herself, Mia Rivenowski, has hired you to steal the Catherwood Stone. You’ve spent weeks preparing for this night, watching employees, creating a flawless replacement stone, and calculating every aspect of your heist. Do you have what it takes to break into the vaults of The Museum of Natural History, switch out the Catherwood Stone, and escape before the police catch you red-handed?