The Witching Hour - Manhattan

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The Witching Hour

Manhattan, United States

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​You and your companions have been tasked by the town mayor to investigate a mysterious woman who lives on the outskirts of town. Not much is known about her

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Capacity: 1-8

Phone: (262) 843 - 5625

116 S 4th Street #122A,

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1 Player: 63 USD
63 USD / Player
2 Player: 63 USD
32 USD / Player
3 Player: 63 USD
21 USD / Player
4 Player: 84 USD
21 USD / Player
5 Player: 105 USD
21 USD / Player
6 Player: 126 USD
21 USD / Player
7 Player: 147 USD
21 USD / Player
8 Player: 168 USD
21 USD / Player

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 other than townsfolk remarking on her peculiar behaviors. Recently, it seems as though a curse has struck the village. Disease and drought are suddenly rampant. People are agitated and fights are breaking out between once friendly neighbors.

The mayor suspects that this cursed chaos may be the scheming of a witch. He has contracted you to find out if the woman is in fact an evil sorceress. This can only be proven by delivering her spell book to the mayor. After spending several nights lurking in the shadows around her cabin you’ve noticed that every night she leaves her home promptly at 3:00am. She disappears into the forest only to return an hour later.

Tonight is the night you will act. You have one hour to find this woman’s spell book and escape her house for, unbeknownst to you, she has been waiting for this night perhaps with more anticipation than you have.