Twisted Limits - McHenry

Twisted Limits

Twisted Limits

McHenry, United States

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Twisted Limits Escape Rooms present their own unique spin on the live-action entertainment craze sweeping the nation. Step into immersive, fully realized environments...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 815-331-8857

3735 W Elm St, McHenry, Illinois

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30 USD

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You and your companions have 60 minutes to solve clues, puzzles, and challenges in order to complete objectives and ultimately ESCAPE. Are you up to the challenge?


Executive Disorder

Your team has volunteered for a high-risk mission on behalf of an underground vigilante organization. Aided by the expert hacker known as "Jackknife", your mission is to infiltrate the private office of Governor Curt Castle and secure evidence that confirms his ties to a criminal conspiracy. With only an hour to outwit Castle's safeguards, the clock is ticking, towards failure or victory...
OTHER INFO: 3 player min - 6 recommended - 8 max.

Behind The Curtain

Your investigative team has been working a dead-end case with no solid lead in months. An unexpected report of a disturbance leads you to the abandoned Reverie Theater. Upon arrival, something definitely seems amiss. The Reverie isn't quite as abandoned as its decrepit exterior would have you believe. Who's been holed up here? What's been going on? There may be more trouble than the answers are worth, waiting behind the curtain...