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Xcape The Room

Xcape The Room

Media, United States

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Live Escape Games led by trained actors and facilitators. You and your teammates get "locked" into a room and have one hour to escape.  Based on the...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 215-833-2494

13 W. Third Street, Media, Pa 19064

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games these exciting adventures require teamwork and quick thinking. Search for clues and solve puzzles, riddles, and logic problems that lead to the "key" that opens the door!

Xscape The Basement

The basement is a room in most houses used to store random items from one's life.  In dream interpretations it is also known as the subconscious.  Welcome to The Basement, a creepy cellar filled with odds and ends of a life left behind.  Enter, and look carefully.  Collect the clues and figure out cryptic messages and try, try, try to escape before the lights go out and you are left behind like an old photo time has forgotten