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Miami, United States

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QQuest is South Florida?s first ever thrilling live escape game. Be a part of this live action room escape which you have only 1 hour to escape the puzzle filled...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: (954) 687-6144

235 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Fl 33139

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27 USD

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several mind bending games, QQuest is a great place to have fun with friends, work on team building and to enjoy amazing live action puzzles. Book your adventure today for QQuest?s games, These games will lock you in a room filled with puzzles, riddles, clues and brain teasers, for you to solve within 1 hour. Utilize the power of teamwork to work your way out as fast as possible.


“Chainsaw Bob”
(Pompano Beach)

Bob likes to play with chainsaws. Lured into his trap, you now find yourself in a locked room. Luckily his chainsaw has broken down and he has to run into town to get a new one. Retrace his steps and you may have a chance to escape this nightmare. Don’t waste any time, you only have one hour before he returns!

“Room Amnesia”
(Pompano Beach)

You ate that cafeteria sandwich someone gave you without hesitation. Unfortunately, they must have put something in it. Now you’re locked in a strange room with no memory of how you got there, and a note saying that the police are searching for you. You better start figuring out what happened before they get here!