Adventure Rooms Connecticut - Middletown

Adventure Rooms Connecticut

Adventure Rooms Connecticut

Middletown, United States

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AdventureRooms challenges and puzzles require no special skills or knowledge to solve. The use of intuitive logic, deductive reasoning, and "street smarts"...

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Capacity: 2-24

Phone: 860-358-9130

282 Main Street Extension Historic Sanseer Mill Middletown, CT 06457

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60 USD

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..exciting recreational and inspirational activity for couples, friends, families, students and co-workers. It is also a unique and fun corporate team-building function or an out-of-the-classroom learning activity for students.

At AdventureRooms your team can take on the most famous room escape event in the world! Your goal is simple: Escape AdventureRooms in less than 60 minutes! You and your teammates will find yourselves in an unfamiliar environment. Your team will rely on the cumulative knowledge, experience, and "street smarts" to work out a plan to solve your way out. You will work together to gather objects, find clues, decipher codes, open locks and solve puzzles to find the key that will lead you to freedom. Only 30% of teams successfully escape AdventureRooms. Will you? AdventureRooms offers several unique team challenges. When you reserve your experience, you will have private access to the event space. Typical AdventureRooms events: "The Swiss Original" Event Capacity of 2-16 people 60 Minutes "The Remedy" Event Capacity of 2-8 people 60 Minutes "Penrose Dream" Event Capacity of 2-8 people 60 Minutes "American Escape" Event Capacity of 2-8 people 60 Minutes “Mini” Event Capacity of 2-6 people 30 Minutes AdventureRooms Duel Looking for an added challenge? Groups of 8 people or more can attempt an AdventureRooms duel, during which the participants compete against each other, the clock, and the puzzles... all for an added thrill! For additional information about AdventureRooms Duel Events or to make a reservation please email or call us