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Adventure Rooms New Jersey

Adventure Rooms New Jersey

Montclair, United States

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AdventureRooms challenges and puzzles require no special skills or knowledge to solve. The use of intuitive logic, deductive reasoning, and "street smarts"...

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Capacity: 2-24

Phone: 973-746-0050

119 Grove Street Montclair, NJ 07042

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60 USD

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exciting recreational and inspirational activity for couples, friends, families, students and co-workers. It is also a unique and fun corporate team-building function or an out-of-the-classroom learning activity for students.


Swiss Original

Take on the most famous Room Escape event in the world - as per Wikipedia!
You Are In An Unfamiliar Place
You Have 60 Minutes
You Must Solve Your Way Out
Will You Escape?
Event Capacity: 8 People Maximum, or Play the “Adventure Rooms Duel” with 9-16 people where two teams will compete occupying Swiss Original Event Space A and B simultaneously.

The Remedy

You find yourself in a strange medical office. The truth is revealed. 
There is no one to help you. The clock is ticking. 
Will you find the remedy?

Penrose Dream

Looking for an added challenge? Then enter the dream space for a mind-boggling experience! Will you complete the challenge?

Adventure room- Corporate

So you want to “Escape the Pink Slip”?
Voted the best Team Building Activity outing!
Taking on Adventure Rooms with your co-workers will be the best thing you will ever do as a team. Bring us your competitive salesperson, your skeptical product manager, and stressed out director. “Escape the Pink Slip” experience will allow you to rapidly form genuine, collaborative relationships with one another. With these collegial bonds in place, teams are known to be more effective and productive in the workplace.
Adventure Rooms Event Space Experience
Individual P60 Personality Profilers
Price per person: $50 - Minimum 2 people per booking
Event Capacity: 26 People Maximum
Duration: The maze experience is 60 minutes; there will also be a brief introduction and brief conclusion for each event.
Please plan to be here for 90-120 Minutes.
Feel free to call with any questions, or if you have specific accommodation requests
We can accommodate larger groups by rotation with 90 minutes between each event start time
Business and Evening Hours available
Free parking!