Race City Escape - Mooresville

Race City Escape

Race City Escape

Mooresville, United States

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We are Lake Norman's "Race City's" first "Escape Room Experience". Don't know what an "Escape Room is"? Let us explain....

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 828-461-1534

149C Rolling Hill Rd.

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25 USD

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in a room. Your task is to find clues, solve puzzles to ultimately figure out how to "Escape the Room". Inside you may find various types of locks, puzzle boxes, cryptograms, cryptic clues, and other brain teasers that all must be figured out so that you can escape in time. Time? Yes, that's right you only have 60 minutes to accomplish this.
Oh, and don't worry you aren't "Locked" in the room. You can leave at any time for any reason. Just remember....
The clock keeps ticking!!

The "Race Ruse"

Difficulty = MEDIUM

You are the pit crew for a racer whose rival has locked you in the garage to make you late, and your driver unable to compete.
You have one hour to escape, and still make the start of the race. Can you do it?

"Harmonic Haze"

Difficulty = MEDIUM/HARD
As a group working for a famous Private Investigator you will be immersed in a 1920's "Speak Easy" where their star performer has been kidnapped. You have one hour to find out who has her, and where she is before the ransom is due. Will you be able to solve the crime before the deadline?