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Morrisville, United States

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Cipher Escape is a Live Escape Game, that uses themed rooms which contain puzzles, riddles and mystery that test your knowledge to find the escape code.

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250 Dominion Drive, Suite 101

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Cipher Escape will provide various themed live puzzle solving room challenges. Customers will be locked in a room to solve several riddles, puzzles, cryptograms with a strategic clue sequence that is placed and hidden throughout the room. Follow the logic and solve the puzzles for intriguing conclusion! Owners: Mike & Lynn Horan


NC Photo Hunt Escape

You have been hired by the Publisher of the NC Tourism Guidebook.  Your first mission is to find the lost photos of North Carolina for the next publication.  Discover hidden clues and riddles while trying to discover the mystery to the lost photos.  Look out for some unexpected turns during your escape attempt.  All the facts needed to escape are hidden throughout the escape room.  The NC Photo Hunt Escape Room allows up to 6 participants.

Brewery Escape Room

You left home to pick up some groceries, but decided to make a quick stop at the tap room.   You have 1 hour to kill before your guests start arriving to your house for dinner.  Somehow you find yourself locked in the taproom.  As you search the tap room for a way out, you discover entry into the brewery.  While in the brewery you discover the secret award winning beer recipe which may be your ticket to escape.  The Brewery Escape Room allows for 6 participants

GEEK Room Escape

Let's GEEK it out in the Geek Room.  The Geek Room is our largest and hardest escape experience room so far.   You were being a good neighbor and taking care of your neighbors cat.  All the sudden you find yourself locked in.   You discover how Geeky / Techie of a neighbor you have.  You will find Geek and Techie type items in this escape.  This one takes at least participants to play.  The Geek Escape Room allows for a maximum of 12 participants.  (If you schedule with less than 4 participants and no one else joins your timeslot we may contact you to move your reservation.  This escape room requires a minimum of 4 participants to attempt.)