Escape Quest Idaho - Nampa

Escape Quest Idaho

Escape Quest Idaho

Nampa, United States

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Idaho's first Room Escape experience. Take part in a fully interactive enviornment where you will need to solve logic puzzles, uncover clues and find a key.

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 208-371-7899

1509 Caldwell Boulevard #1111

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18 USD

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You and 5 of your friends just entered a room with no windows and one door. As the last person enters the door shuts and locks behind you, you're trapped. You tell yourself to keep calm but you see strange items in odd places around the room and that doesn't make it any easier. A timer on the wall reads 50 minutes, it starts to tick down towards zero.

Do you you and your friends have what it takes to solve the puzzles, follow the clues and escape the room in 50 minutes? This is your quest, should you choose to accept it..

Escape Quest is open 7 days a week from 3:30pm - 10:00pm. We provide escapes to anyone who wants to play as well as team building events. We offer a full kitchen with beer and wine offered after 6pm most days. Check out our Tickets page for additional details on booking your next room escape.



You and your team are a part of an evacuation effort in the remote  Idaho wilderness. A large forest fire is burning out of control and you are going door to door helping people evacuate. As you approach a cabin you see that a light is on, you decide to enter, as you do you realize that something is different about this place. When the last member of your team enters the door closes and locks behind you. You are trapped. In the distance you can hear the crackling of burning timber as the fire edges closer. You have just 50 minutes to escape or burn alive...  (You will need one internet/wifi capable device to play)


We can now bring the fun of Exit Games to you! The Quest Box is similar to room escapes, but it can be facilitated at your location. Our current Quest Box experience uses Idaho history as you travel back in time to 1864. You must break into the box using the technology of the time in order to return to the future before time runs out.