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Nashville Escape Game

Nashville, United States

From 28 USD

The Escape Game is a fun, new entertainment concept located only 4 miles from Downtown Nashville, and is the first of its kind in the South. Each Escape Room is a real life adventure game designed for small groups. Wheth...

From 28 USD

Capacity: 2-12

Nashville is famous for it's music culture, but if you are not a music fan don't worry: They have escape games as well! Try them now!

Interactive escape room games in Nashville

Nashville, one of the greatest city in the world, has a lot to give you, like escape games among others. This is a new way to have fun with your family and friends, and sharpen your mind at the same time. You and your group are locked in a room, and have to escape in time by solving puzzles finding clues, combined objects, and hack codes that opens the locks that keep you away from freedom.Usually you have one hour, or forty five minutes to escape. Do you think you're smart enough to complete the mission? Find out today and book your room in one of Nashville's great escape games!