Panic Room CT - Norwalk

Panic Room CT

Panic Room CT

Norwalk, United States

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Panic Room LLC was founded to challenge participants while providing a safe and fun real-life adventure! 
Room escape games are sweeping the nation and...

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Capacity: 10

Phone: 203-987-2647

37 North Avenue, Suite 107

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a unique twist on real-life room escape entertainment. Our rooms combine elements of team-building, brain busting, and psychological training; blended with an incredible plot that will leave you fully immersed in the experience! Unlike traditional room escape games, our participants have a mission objective in each story line where they will be constantly challenged by sophisticated puzzles and devilishly clever clues along the way.



Take on the role of a federal agent, as you attempt to shed light on the identity of The Cryptex Killer, a mysterious and notorious serial killer. Who is he? Where will he strike next? Test your mental might against the clues and puzzles he’s left behind, and see if you’ve got what it takes to find out!

Tick Tok

Join your extended family in celebrating the life of your eccentric uncle Vladimir Vostok, a wealthy and reclusive hedge fund manager. Uncle Tok, as you affectionately called him, has invited you to participate in the reading of his last will and testament, with a challenging twist! Do you have what it takes to stake your claim to a share of his fortune?

Psych 101

Welcome to the office of Dr. Elesdy, a nationally recognized and highly sought after psychiatrist. You’ve been summoned to aid in an ongoing criminal investigation into his allegedly controversial treatment methods. Can you expose his dark secret or will you fall victim to his twisted therapy?