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Entrap Games

Omaha, United States

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You and a group are locked in a room with only 60 minutes to escape. Good Luck!

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Phone: 402-991-9169

7905 L Street, Suite 110

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30 USD

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An escape room is a new popular gaming trend where people are actually agreeing to be locked in a room! Small groups work together in order to solve their way through a series of puzzling steps, which yield a key or code necessary in escaping the room. A truly unique experience that is taking over the nation, book an experience today using the 'escape' code for 10% off!
Like puzzles? Does your over analytical mind process even the most minute of detail? You're in for a treat! Entrap Games puzzles have been hand crafted and designed by some of our most deviating brilliant minded employees. Go on, put your cognitive skills to the ultimate test!
Visiting Omaha looking for fun things to do? Escape games are a unique and fun way to spend an hour! Don't be frightened, we'll let you out after your sixty minutes is up... maybe. Do you want to play a game?
Can't decide which of you is the smartest? Bring it! Entrap Games puzzles are guaranteed to challenge your mind, and patience, as the clock ticks away to your imminent failure. Is your brain the best amongst the lot? PROVE IT!
Looking for a great Team Building activity? Need a relaxing reward for an excellent sales quarter? Fresh batch of potential managers? We've just the thing! Our puzzles will quickly bring forth the brightest penny in the bunch, and everyone will have a blast searching for clues and solving the riddles laid forth. We lock you in a room and make you solve complex problems for an hour so you can go home. Think about it? It’s just like work, but better!


The Heist

Last night was amazing - you and your friends cleaned house at that underground poker game! Only two problems remain; there were security cameras and you cheated. Sources say you have 60 minutes until someone returns. To keep your winnings (and your lives!) you must break in, remove the evidence you colluded by extracting the hard drive from the DVR. Make sure you’re never seen again, good luck! 

Off Limits

Your group of friends have been invited to an extravagant dinner party hosted by an eccentric trust fund kid, and have been given the run of the mansion, aside a single room, in which you were told to keep out of. Eventually, having looked about the rest of the premises, you all stumble towards the secret room. The door creaks open and the group steps inside. Moments later, the door shuts and locks! There doesn't seem to be a way out - but surely there must be something! Mysterious items reveal a dark side to this room’s owner. Escape, before it’s too late!


Legally speaking, we can’t lock you in a room. But, once you’ve signed our waiver we can put you in handcuffs, blindfold you, and place you in an ‘escapable’ scenario. Implausible is not impossible, and in case of a REAL emergency, you will have to work even faster to escape. For the next 60 minutes, we are kidnapping you from our mostly digital worlds and holding you for Ransom. Thirty dollars, an hour, and you can have your life back. 
*This room has physical restrictions. Players that are pregnant, unable to bend over, crawl or jump should not try participating in this room.

The Cure

Have you ever thought what would happen if a rogue nation had let loose a massive bio-terror attack? A nefarious rogue group is intent on letting loose this bio-terror and creating havoc around the globe. We’re sending you in to find the antidote.

Missing Musician

Your mentor and one of the world’s premier musicians has gone missing. You decide to investigate but once in his study the door has shut and locked behind you.