Pirates Treasure - Orlando

Pirates Treasure

Pirates Treasure

Orlando, United States

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You’ve booked a fun and entertaining two-hour pirate ship tour, only to find out that our cap’n has been kidnapped. The kidnappers have demanded his...

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Capacity: 6-15

Phone: 855-7569-FUN

303 West Third Street, Sanford FL 32771

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45 USD

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a dozen clues stand between you and his booty!

This is not your standard escape room game. There are no rooms to confine you when you attempt the world’s ONLY moving escape experience. You’ll pedal our galleon (the Limo Cycle) to our captain’s favorite bars where he stopped for grog and supplies. Each location will offer up a clue that will bring you closer to the treasure.
You’ll encounter bilge rats, scurvy dogs and assorted landlubbers as you decipher the maps and signs the captain has left behind. No two tours are exactly the same as the elements and scenery play a part of this challenge.
You have two hours, can you save our cap’n?