The Escape Room WV - Parkersburg

The Escape Room WV

The Escape Room WV

Parkersburg, United States

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Welcome to a real-life escape game where you and up to 7 others must race to beat the clock and escape from a locked* room in 45 minutes or less.

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 3 044 940 235

2801 Dudley Ave.,

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19 USD

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The "First Meeting" is a streamlined version of the escape that will still be quite challenging.  It will give you a better chance for success and help those who have never run an escape room to get comfortable with what it's all about.  The Good Doctor loves his technology and his staff has access to it to give clues as needed through touch screens or even the Doctor's phone system.  Don't underestimate the challenge of this escape, but once you've experienced the "First Meeting", we encourage you to come back and experience "The Return".


If you are brave enough, or crazy enough (we’re not sure which), you’ll attempt "The Return".  Once again you’ve got 45 minutes to escape, and if you’ve been through the First Meeting, you’ll know what’s going on, and the risks involved.  But this time around, there are no clues unless YOU ask for them.  So ask wisely because each clue will cost you 2 minutes off your time.  And if that’s not bad enough, you’ll get a visit from the good doctor himself!  You’ll need to hide as he retrieves something from his office.  Leave anything out of place and he might get curious and decide to stick around for a bit, killing your time in the process.  Leave too much out of place and you might get caught!  Bragging rights and free t-shirts for those who escape are on the line.

 Both "First Meeting" and "The Return" are available for booking online.  Simply choose the one you want and book it.  The first one booked locks in that level for the time slot and makes the other unavailable.  So pay close attention to which one is available when you choose.