Escape Works Knoxville - Powell

Escape Works Knoxville

Escape Works Knoxville

Powell, United States

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The clock is ticking and you must solve the puzzles and complete the challenges before time runs out.  

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 865-585-6605

1904 West Emory Road

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25 USD

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Can you and your companions think on your feet and keep your cool long enough to escape?

We are all moved in to our new location and putting the finishing touches on our new escape experience "UNDERNEATH".  We are once again accepting bookings and reopen on April 1st (no joke).  Be the among the first to test yourself at Knoxville's most immersive and exciting escape room experiences!



You awaken in a subteranean cellar.  From the looks of it, those who came before met with a gruesome end.  Will you survive your captor's challanges long enough to escape, or will your face end up on a missing persons poster?  Book now!