Area 51: Roswell Encounter - Ridgefield


Area 51: Roswell Encounter

Ridgefield, United States

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Roswell incident is the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim.

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 1-201-941-3564

535 Bergen Blvd, Ridgefield, NJ 07657

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2 Player: 60 USD
30 USD / Player
3 Player: 90 USD
30 USD / Player
4 Player: 120 USD
30 USD / Player
5 Player: 150 USD
30 USD / Player
6 Player: 180 USD
30 USD / Player
7 Player: 210 USD
30 USD / Player
8 Player: 240 USD
30 USD / Player
9 Player: 270 USD
30 USD / Player
10 Player: 300 USD
30 USD / Player

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There is no question that something crashed to the ground that night, but there seems to be no hard drawn conclusion among the different theories. There is an enormous conspiracy to cover up what really happened. Alien bodies that were recovered from the Roswell crash site were rumored to have been pronounced deceased at the scene and taken back to Area 51 for autopsies. Jenifer Hoffman, a nurse at Roswell army Airfield Hospital was one of the people that got involved and was able to take some pictures of the autopsy. But she has mysteriously disappeared since then and her whereabouts remain unknown. You are reporters sneaking in to the hospital from the personnel entrance after the incident on July 5th. The examination room is almost empty or so it seems… Don't believe everything you are told. Do your own research, decide for yourself, and find out what really happened that warm July night in Roswell. Collect as much evidence of the incident as possible, before the military personnel returns and arrest you for the trespassing.