Great Escape of Central Texas - Robinson

Great Escape of Central Texas

Great Escape of Central Texas

Robinson, United States

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The idea is simple: You and your group of friends, family, clubs, church groups, coworkers, literally anyone, are "locked" in a room, and you have 60 minutes...

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Capacity: 2-9


635 North Robinson Drive

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Indiana Jones
4 to 10 players

You and your archaeology team have entered the "Cave of Souls" and now you have only 60 minutes to solve riddles, puzzles and clues to find your way into the hidden chamber where you must steal the "Golden Idol of Rhasheesh" and escape.  The Peruvian Wescape tribe is closing in on you with deadly poison darts and they are notorious for dismembering their victims and displaying their bodies in order to ward off future searchers of their Idol.  You will be lucky if they only remove your head

4 to 12 players

Part murder mystery!  Part Escape Game!  Use your detective skills in a race to solve whodunnit.  Can you escape in time before the murderer catches up to you and kills again?  Welcome to the The Escape Room version of the board game CLUE.