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Spokane, United States

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It is a fun, interactive, live, room escape game where you and your group are the main characters. You will be locked in a room for 60 minutes, and will be challenged...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 509-868-0775

1325 E Francis Ave

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20 USD

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decipher codes,  and solve puzzles and riddles to try to escape out of the room.If you are looking for a fun and unique activity to do with family, friends, or even a date night, look no further. You will create lasting, fun memories for years to come. These 60 minute interactive games will take you on an adventure that will test your skills, team work, witts, and patience.This is the perfect activity to get your staff, co-workers, or group, out of the office for team building and company retreats. You will need cooperation, communication, and teamwork because Together Everyone Achieves More! Contact us for pricing and availability of rooms.Birthday parties, wedding proposals, or any other special occasion, we can help. Contact us and we will help make it special.


School Detention
You have been a very bad student. You now have school detention for one hour. The teacher has locked you in the detention room and the door will open automatically in one hour, Unless you can get out sooner. Lets see if you have paid enough attention in school to escape!

Fallout Shelter
There is word of an imminent nuclear attack. You go to an abandoned fallout shelter that you know of for protection. You enter the shelter and the door shuts behind you. The emergency generator starts then stops and now you are locked in. You only have enough air for one hour survival time. Can you find a way out before tragedy strikes?

You have been brought to a room to be interrogated about your boss by some corrupt individuals. You think this group has had your boss captive for the last week. They expect you to cooperate with them, and they have given you one hour to decide if you will cooperate or not. Your boss has left you clues to get out of this room before they come back. Will you be able to solve the clues and escape?