Rabbit Hole Escape Games - Tampa

Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Tampa, United States

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Complete tasks, solve a series of puzzles and decipher clues.Your small team's mission is to escape before time runs out.

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5120 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33603

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29 USD

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Bermuda Triangle

Strange occurrences begin to appear after your ship sets sail towards Bermuda.  You begin to realize that the myths and folklore surrounding this mysterious area may actually be true.  Can you escape before you vanish into thin air, or sucked down deep in the ocean never to be seen again?
Price per person varies based on private/shared slots and number of people playing.

Space Mining (Coming Soon)

COMING SOON! You and your crew are mining on another planet when suddenly you are abducted by another life form. You are being held captive and see an opportunity to escape by stealing one of their space pods. To do so, you will need to maneuver through obstacles to obtain the fuel needed to power the escape pod. Will you escape before the aliens awaken and discover your plans?