Trapped Toledo - Toledo

Trapped Toledo

Trapped Toledo

Toledo, United States

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Locked in a room with a group of friends or strangers, you must use your wits and the group's collective knowledge to find hidden clues, solve daunting...

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: 567-316-7028

2410 KEY STREET 43614

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20 USD

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In the aftermath of Infected!, you've taken to pharma hunting to make a living. Four ultra rare drugs have been traced to an abandoned lab, but there's no telling what creatures you'll find inside the lab.
MUTATED! adds a frightening twist to our popular Infected! series 
Room Maximum: 12 People

Agent x!

In the exciting conclusion to our Rescued! series, the CIA has found an important piece of a top-secret program - an agent! Unfortunately, an injury during the extraction made him lose his memory, and you have only 60 minutes to find out who he is and what he knows. Time's ticking!​

The Mutiny!

Your overthrow of the ship's captain did not go well, and now you and your fellow mutineers are sitting in the ship's brig. 
When the captain returns from shore with his new crew, you're surely going to walk the plank... Can you escape and arm yourself in time?!
Room Maximum: 10 People


Wrongly convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and certified psychiatrically unfit for normal prison, you’ve been committed to the top-secret Center for the Criminally Insane. 
You have an hour to escape, someone’s buying you some time… But who? And why?

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A super villain has trapped you in a tiny room with a bomb, threatening to blow you and half the city to smithereens.
You better get moving, you only have 60 minutes to disarm the bomb and save the city. Are you up to the task?
Our original room is now available at your office, your business, your party, your house!  Really? Yeah, really!
For little more than the cost of a regular weekend ticket, our Mayor will visit your location and help you save the city from the evil exploits of Dr. Sheldon Parsons and his ticking time bomb!