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Trapped Games

Tonawanda, United States

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You and several others are locked into a room for exactly one hour. You'll need to solve a series of puzzles, locate clues and collaborate to escape. Is it in...

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Capacity: 4-8

Phone: 716-425-4011

2171 Sheridan Drive Tonawanda

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It’s April 4th, 1978. You and your traveling partners have been forced to seek shelter at an old, rustic hotel. The only room available has been rumored to have a dark and mysterious past. The front of house staff warns you repeatedly that no one survives more than one hour in the room, but you choose to stay there anyway. Within your first minute of entering the room, you immediately feel regret for ignoring the staff’s advice. You now have 60 minutes to escape before room #9 consumes your very existence.
Number of Players: 4-10
Type: Spooky
Difficulty Rating: Medium

Double Agent

During World War II, you and a small group of highly trained military spies have successfully infiltrated the Nazi ranks. The Germans are planning a naval attack within 8 hours, which means it’s now time to move on your objective. You must locate and retrieve the enigma machine, a codex used by the Nazis to protect the routes of the German U-Boat fleet. The codex rests in a well defended bunker, deep behind enemy lines. Once  retrieved, you must escape the enemy’s clutches and get it into the hands of Alan Turing, the only man who can crack the code. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Retrieve the codex and move one step closer towards ending the war!
Number of Players: 4-10
Type: Adventure
Difficulty Rating: Difficult

The Wizard’s Keep

The time you have been waiting for has finally arrived… Your first day at the School of Wizardry! We welcome you with open arms and look forward to our time together. But first, we must make sure that we made the correct choice in selecting you. We have put together a series of puzzles and tests whereby you can prove your worthiness. Don’t dare to disappoint us!
Number of Players: 4-8
Type:  Adventure
Difficulty Rating: Medium