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Topeka, United States

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Keynundrum is a thrilling game of knowledge, creativity, and teamwork. Escaping may prove to be harder - and more entertaining - than you ever imagined.

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Capacity: 4

Phone: 1 785-506-6349

2900 SW Atwood Ave

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2 Player: 50 USD
25 USD / Player
3 Player: 60 USD
20 USD / Player
4 Player: 80 USD
20 USD / Player

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Keynundrum is an escape room adventure that is a new interactive game where you and your friends are challenged as a team to find hidden objects, resolve puzzles and decrypt clues to earn your freedom. Keynundrum is Topeka’s first and only year round escape room. This adrenaline filled adventure will bring out the imagination and creativity you didn’t know you had in you. You have just 60 minutes to unravel the story and get out of the room. Can you do it?

The Jewel Thief

The famous Faith Diamond has been stolen by an infamous jewel thief. You and your team must sneak into his office and search through his things to find proof of the heist. Can you crack the safe and escape the room before he returns.  This room has a 50% solve rate so is perfect for the novice.

Murder Motel

A young woman has been murdered and your friend is about to be framed for the offense. Using the same evidence as the police, can you solve the case and determine who the real killer is before they haul your friend off to jail. You have sixty minutes to gather and resolve all the clues before you are caught trespassing in a crime scene.