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Break Out Tuscaloosa

Break Out Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, United States

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The best way to make family memories is to get out of the house and try something new. If you are tired of staring at screens all day and want to take the crew out...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 205-632-5135

2310 14th St

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20 USD

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Are you adept at solving puzzles and such in the virtual world? If so, you will enjoy putting your puzzle cracking skills to work as you traverse each action packed room.
Are you looking for something fun to do that breaks the traditional mold of Tuscaloosa entertainment? Breakout was made with you in mind.
Breakout is an excellent source of entertainment and team building activities for any business, school, or church.


Who Done It?      25% Escape Rate

The homeowner, Beatrice, has been taken out by a member of her staff (or was it a staff member?). Was it the butler, the maid, the chauffeur, or was it someone else? The clues are everywhere! Can you follow the clues to find out “Who done it? The rumor is she is still  hanging around, so be prepared… Don’t come alone!

Detention             50% Escape Rate

Your teacher has left the room and said they would be back in one hour to take you to scrub the bathrooms! Your goal is to find the hall pass card to BREAKOUT! Be careful the principal doesn’t see you! Working together is your only hope of finding all the clues! So head back to school and see if you’re smart enough to escape detention! Time will pass, will you?

The Trapp            45% Escape Rate

A trip gone bad. You were enjoying touring the African Wilds and miles off the coast in the deep blue sea. Things were going well until…you and a few others got separated from the group.  Many challenges will come your way.  Think quickly on your feet and keep your eyes open.  Can you avoid the Traps?  How will you get home?  Will you ever find your way out?  You have no food or water so you must work quickly to escape.  Be the first to Breakout of THE TRAPP!

Horror Hotel     28% Escape Rate

You find out that the old, unoccupied hotel down the street is up for sale. You are interested. You are very interested. You call and make an appointment to see the property. During the call you learn that the previous owner is proclaiming the hotel is haunted and desperately wants to sell. You are warned that some individuals that viewed the property never returned. You must make the decision….. Do you DARE?

Breakout Expedition   *This is an in town scavenger hunt (not an escape room).

How good are your sleuthing skills? Do you have a sharp eye? If so, you will do well in our newest adventure titled “Breakout Expedition”! You are given a list of items to locate in the area and have 60 minutes to snap a picture.  Expedition is Breakout’s local scavenger hunt.  You and a group of friends will travel in your vehicle to locate the special Breakout items.  Upon return to Breakout, we will total up your points!