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One Way Out

Tyler, United States

From 27 USD

If you are a fan of puzzles, problem-solving and having fun, then this is the activity for you!  Bring your friends or make new ones as you and your team use clues, hints and teamwork to escape the room before time ...

From 27 USD

Capacity: 2-12

Tyler has some cool escape games, that really worth to try if you have some free time to spend with your friends!

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Did you ever imagine how cool it could be to be a detective? You read all the Agatha Christie books and now you think you are a pro? Well it's time to test your skills, if you live in Tyler, you can challenge yourself in escape games! The entity of the game is,a team locked in a room and they have to escape in time. In order to complete the game, they have to call their inner detective to investigate and find clues, solve riddles, and hack codes to open locks and earn freedom. Does it sounds like fun! If your answer is yes, than book your escape game today in Tyler, and prove yourself!