One Way Out - Tyler

One Way Out

One Way Out

Tyler, United States

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If you are a fan of puzzles, problem-solving and having fun, then this is the activity for you!  Bring your friends or make new ones as you and your team use...

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: 1 866-320-3390

13233 Hwy 155 South

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27 USD

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Escape the ATTIC

You and your team have been locked in Grandma Oubee's attic, and you must solve the puzzles to escape before time runs out. (This is a fun room whatever your room escape knowledge level!)

Escape the BLACK OUT

You and your team must use clues and hints to find a missing priceless photo in a photographer's darkroom before time runs out! Be warned... you have to solve the clues under black lights! 


The Therapy Room is a unique and challenging room for 2 - 3 guests.
You and your team have been locked in your uncle's therapy room!  You need to work together to define and face fears in the span of a therapy session... 60 minutes.  (Don't worry! Your uncle may have eccentric ways, but this room won't give you nightmares.)