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Break Free

Break Free

Union, United States

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Break Free NJ is a live room escape game, otherwise called an exit game. It's a cross between Online Puzzle Games and Who Done It type games. It's a live...

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 908-305-5037

1000 Stone Street,

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30 USD

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The room escape game is one of the most exciting activities for a group of 4 to 6 people. Your team will be physically locked inside a room, and will need to solve puzzles and break codes to escape. The game is excellent as a team-building activity. You will experience real team bonding.  You will have to solve hands-on puzzles and riddles to be able to finally escape the room. The game develops cognitive, communication and problem solving skills, and is totally addictive. Once you try it, you will want to play more.   


The Murder of Detective Jack Robinson

Detective Jack Robinson was found murdered in his office. He was working on an extremely important case. You have been named the prime suspect in the murder case. The lead investigator has left you on the scene of the crime. You have 60 minutes to prove your innocence. Why was Jack killed? And who did it? Will your team be able to figure it out?

The Heist

A famous collector has the world’s most precious key, the key to eternal life. You are working for a criminal enterprise who is tasked with stealing the key. You have access to his gallery where he keeps the key for one hour. The key is hidden in the room.  You will need to find it a figure out how to steal it. You only have an hour in the room so be quick