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Cipher Seeker

Waldwick, United States

From 25 USD

Sixty minutes are on the clock. Can your team solve the clues, figure out the puzzles, and track down the solutions to complete your objective?

From 25 USD

Capacity: 2-8

Waldwick is happy to introduce you the world of escape games, the ultimate game experience! Have fun!

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Escape room games are the ultimate team games that provide fun and entertainment to the family or group of friends. The really attractive aspect of escape games is that it's not only entertaining, but tests your skills at the same time. How is it possible? In order to complete the game and escape the room in time, you have to solve a bunch of unique puzzles that really test your talent of investigating and problem solving. But this is not everything: it's not enough to be smart, you must be fast as well, because this is a race against time, you have one hour to escape the room. So don't waste your time create your team and escape the room in Waldwick!