Cipher Seeker - Waldwick

Cipher Seeker

Cipher Seeker

Waldwick, United States

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Sixty minutes are on the clock. Can your team solve the clues, figure out the puzzles, and track down the solutions to complete your objective?

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 201-251-CLUE

168 Franklin Turnpike, Suite 104

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25 USD

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Cipher Seeker is a room escape located in Waldwick, NJ. Sixty minutes are on the clock, your team of 2-8 adult players must search the room, find the clues, solve the puzzles and complete your objectives. Two rooms are currently available with a third in development. The cost is $30 per player. 

Not only is Cipher Seeker a fun place to go for a night out with friends or family it also offers various experiences for team building for community groups, small businesses and corporations. Our staff can work with your budget and needs to design a program you will find beneficial. 

Cipher Seeker also gives back to the community via fundraising events. Participants of your fundraiser are provided a unique code. For each person that registers to play a room with your code we will donate back 20% of their entrance fee to your group.



Your team is the only hope to save the world from mass destruction. You must enter an abandoned missile silo and find a way to disable a rogue computer system attempting to lock in a launch code. As each minute passes, another piece of the code is locked in. Can your team successfully shut down the system before the battery of missiles is launched? This room is family friendly.
This is an easier room, suitable for younger players or people new to escape rooms. Experienced players should give it a try too but see if you can do it without any hints.

Graveyard Inlet

The sign said staff only but your group couldn’t resist taking a detour to explore this room that time forgot. You’re now locked inside the lighthouse keeper’s quarters with no way out. The tour guide looked none too friendly so you’ll have to act fast to find a way out before she catches you! The room is family friendly.
This room is more difficult. It requires outside the box thinking and attention to detail and nuances. This room is suitable for new and experienced players.


You’ve been framed for murder. Search the crime scene to prove you are innocent. Discover the true identity of the killer, the weapon used, and the motive behind the killing. You have to work fast before the police catch up with you! Due to violent content and some adult situations, this room may not be suitable for players under 14 years of age.
This room is a challenge even for experienced players. You really need to pay attention to how everything links together. You will also get fewer hints. If you are new to escape rooms, don’t be afraid, you can still have a lot of fun in this room.