Night at museum - Washington

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Night at museum

Washington, United States

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You and your team must work together to restore a valuable painting you have destroyed before the boss comes back and catches you!

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 1 301-502-2043

720 I Street SE

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As a team of highly accomplished Restoration Specialists, where else would you go to de-stress other than the museum? You and your coworkers are enjoying the evening in one of your favorite spots in the city when things start to get a bit rowdy... 


One thing leads to another and one of your most valuable paintings ends up torn to pieces at the end of the party. To make matters worse, your boss is due back in an hour. If you want to stay in his good graces, keep your job, and maintain your good name— you know what needs to be done. You and your team must work at full speed to restore the painting to its original glory, not only to earn your freedom, but to save your reputation in the process! 


Are you up for the challenge?!